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Thompson Kids Can Change the World: Lauren Dietz’s Community Garden

A trough of growing vegetables in Lauren's community garden

Addressing Food Insecurity

Lauren Dietz, a sixth-grade student at New Vision Charter School, had the vision to address food insecurity in her community during the COVID-19 pandemic. She partnered with the Loveland Youth Gardeners and used Thompson School District money she received as a recipient of the Thompson Kids Can Change the World Contest to buy a trough and some T-posts to start her project.

With the help of volunteers and a grant, she was able to purchase all the necessary supplies and build a community garden.

Building a Community Garden

The community garden has several beds, each designated for a specific person to grow the food they need or want. Lauren and her team created flyers and distributed them around Thompson School District buildings, inviting people to apply for a bed in the community garden. They received seven applicants and were able to give everyone a bed.

Lauren's Community Garden sign posted next to troughs of flowers and other vegetation

Making a Positive Impact

Lauren’s initiative and dedication to helping others are truly inspiring, and her project has positively impacted the community. With the help of volunteers, she built the community garden and provided a space for people to grow their own food and improve their quality of life.

Thompson Kids Can Change the World

Every spring, Thompson School District holds the Thompson Kids Can Change the World Contest, which helps students implement an idea they have to make a difference in the world.

Lauren Dietz was a 2021-22 winner of the Thompson Kids Can Change the World Contest for her project of addressing food insecurity in her community through building a community garden.