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Walt Clark Cougar Wrestling

Student Voice: Quintin Gifford and Blake Chleboun

Walt Clark wrestling is a great sport, and the experiences are a big part of it, including tournaments and such. Fun Fact: Wrestling actually started  in 776 B.C. !!

Wrestlers Samuel Koch Troncoso and Ethan Johnson

Here is some of the great information and experiences from two students named Samuel Koch Troncoso and Ethan Johnson. 

Q: What made you want to join wrestling?

Sam: “I wanted to keep it in the family because my brother was a state champion.”

Ethan: “I would get beat up a lot, and I’d beat some kid up, so I was in the office for it, and Mr. Smith said ‘You’re a really aggressive person, you should join wrestling.’”


Q: What has been your favorite moment in wrestling, and why?

Sam: “My favorite moment was when I first stepped on the mat, and I knew it was meant for me.”

Ethan: “The first time I got my hand raised was nice.”

Q: How long have you been wrestling? What was your favorite year? 

Sam: “I’ve been doing it since fifth grade, so I think four years.”

Ethan: “I have been wrestling for three seasons, and my best season was my first season, because I was great.”

Q: What makes you love the sport?

Sam: “The team, family, and the support I get when I play it.”

Ethan: “I love the sport because I don’t have to be nice to people. Like, in basketball, you can’t throw your elbow in at someone, but you can in wrestling.”

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Sam and Ethan! 

Good luck to all the wrestlers this season!

Special thanks to Belle Balliet for taking these amazing photos!