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Thompson School District Hosts Annual Lego Robotics Competition

Students gather around Lego Robotics exhibit as event judge evaluates their work

Thompson School District recently held its annual Lego Robotics Competition for elementary and middle school students, showcasing the talents of young innovators in the community. The event, which took place on April 14, was held at the Thompson Career Campus.

This event was made possible by the support of the Loveland High School robotics team in their role as competition judges and mentors. “The energy of the students competing, the high school students helping, families and the school sponsors made this such an amazing, memorable and positive day for all! There was laughter, smiles and authentic teamwork all the way around,” said Shannon Clarke, TSD Director of Curriculum and Learning Design, who also volunteered to be a judge.

The competition provided a platform for elementary and middle school students to apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun and engaging way. Students worked in teams to design and build robots using Lego Mindstorms and SPIKE kits, which were then evaluated by judges based on their design, functionality and performance.

Theo Robison, the Executive Director of Secondary Education in TSD, expressed his excitement for the event and the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of STEM. “It’s always amazing to see students authentically engaged in their learning through real world problem solving,” Robison said.

Middle School Winners
Elementary School Winners

Thompson School District is committed to promoting Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) educational opportunities for students to explore their interests and showcase their talents. The annual Lego Robotics Competition is just one example of the district’s commitment to encouraging innovation and creativity in its students.

For more information about the robotics program in Thompson School District, please contact the Robotics Coordinator, Tabitha Nickerson, at tabitha.nickerson@tsd.org.