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Energy efficiency education program reaches 2,300 students in 2023

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Building upon its pilot program in 2022, the Think! Energy with Efficiency Works education program achieved significant success in 2023, engaging more than 2,300 fourth-grade students in Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Loveland, exceeding the goal set for 2023.

A total of 12 schools in Thompson School District participated in the program, engaging more than 600 students in the Loveland area.

“The Efficiency Works program allows 4th graders to connect what they are learning in school about energy with how energy can be saved in their everyday lives,” says Melissa Carroll, Resource and Energy Manager with Thompson School District.

The program’s curriculum included:

  • interactive activities to teach students about energy sources (including renewable energy),
  • presentations on how energy and water are used in our daily lives,
  • and tips on how to conserve energy and water.

Each participating student received a conservation kit, which included LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, and a high-efficiency showerhead. The students were encouraged to install these items in their homes, experiencing the impact of efficient choices firsthand.

“The energy industry is evolving every day as we work towards a cleaner energy future,” said Bryce Brady, who oversees Efficiency Works programs as the Energy Solutions Manager at Platte River Power Authority. “Platte River understands that the success of this evolution depends on partnerships and education. This program exemplifies the power of partnerships and how important education will be to sustain the shift to a cleaner energy future.”

The collaboration between Platte River Power Authority, Loveland Water and Power, and the Thompson School District were critical to the program’s success. The Think! Energy with Efficiency Works program will continue for fourth-grade students in the 2023-24 school year.

Efficiency Works programs are available to residential or commercial customers of Estes Park Power and Communications, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications, and Loveland Water and Power. To learn more about how you can participate, contact your utility or visit EfficiencyWorks.org.