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Family and Community Engagement is Where Our Heart Is

Cover graphic for February 2024 superintendent update

The heart of February is the perfect time to illuminate the warmth and spirit of community that blooms in our school district. This month’s letter is dedicated to the invaluable gift of family, school, and community partnerships in TSD, where the authentic friendships between our schools and families have grown stronger than ever.

One standout highlight is the memorable Peakview Food and Family Fair held before winter break. This event brought our children and families together in a celebration of learning and community. It was heartening to witness the joy and enthusiasm of a father and his three sons taking family photos after their haircuts from a local stylist. The more than a dozen community organizations in attendance exemplified the power of partnership, showcasing the commitment of our district to foster an inclusive environment where each person plays a vital role in our children’s education.

Our dedication to engaging with families extends beyond single events; it is an ongoing element genuinely integrated into the essence of TSD’s Strive 2025 Strategic Plan. Our Family, School, and Community Partnerships team has been building and strengthening partnerships with local, state and national organizations to explore and expand the opportunities that bridge education between family and school.

From interactive workshops empowering parents and caregivers with tools to support their child’s learning journey, to fun-filled community gatherings that celebrate diverse cultures, we’re creating spaces where families feel a sense of belonging and actively participate in shaping the educational landscape for their children and Thompson School District.

To assist in this outreach, we’ve created The Family Center at Stansberry, a dedicated engagement center that provides a safe, inclusive space for our district families to learn about what TSD and our community have to offer, while also connecting and networking with other families and accessing helpful resources. Walk-in hours are available Monday through Friday each week and families are also welcome to schedule an appointment with our dedicated staff.

The team is excited about the journey ahead and the momentum we’re gaining throughout the district, most specifically at our Title I schools where we’ve partnered with the Colorado Education Initiative to design and implement promising practices that help address barriers familiar to schools with high percentages of students experiencing poverty and high mobility. An essential part of this work is the process of building empathy and genuinely getting to know our children and the communities who love and shape them.

There’s a quote from author Toni Morrison that reminds us of why we do the work we do:

“When a child walks in the room, your child or anybody else’s child, do your eyes light up? That’s what they’re looking for.”

Here in Thompson School District, we are proud of our programs and dedicated staff who work hard every day to support each child within our community. We are incredibly grateful for your support and we hope you will join us as we continue to build these rewarding connections.

Dr. Marc Schaffer
Thompson School District